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Project Management

We offer a variety of project-based services, including interim management, commercial management, financing, procurement, and strategic management. Our involvement ranges from analysis, consulting, coaching, and execution.


Our team filed a successful application for one of our projects AAT Geothermae at the worlds largest low-carbon energy innovation programme, the European NER300, and managed to receive a non-refundable amount of EUR 14.7 M additional equity.




Scientific & Industrial Expertise

The Members of our Scientific Advisory Board come from Europes leading Universities and Institutes for Geology and Mechanical Engineering. We are at the front line of the scientific world and strive to continuously innovate our solutions together with our partners.





Organizational Development

Our management team and advisors build on decades of experience from diversified industry sectors and governmental backgrounds. The cumulative managerial, legal and political knowledge gives us the experience to strategically position the group for growth. ​

Risk Management

CLEAG manages financial, market, and operational risks by using a variety of tools. Together with our international partners, our team ensures superior performance by applying rigorous risk & insurance analysis and damage management. 

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